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March 4, 2010
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Marvel Origins by ChristopherStevens Marvel Origins by ChristopherStevens
My second Marvel cover! I really nerded out when I saw what I'd be drawing on my second shot. I got to draw just about everyone:) How lucky is that? The timeline was a bit tight on it, but I still tried to enjoy it as much as possible. I approached both of the covers like they were the last I'd ever get and they might be, so I'm just going to be happy to get these two. Two is better than zero.

All characters Marvel Comics
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Lol, Yeah, you understand the politics and pragmatic concessions one must make in these matters. It amuses me all-the-more because I was one of the cubicle slaves that would make these types of arbitrary edits...

I can just hear the conversation now...

"Folks, Bob Peterson in Marketing wasn't sure who this character was, our Spring returns indicate we're selling quite a few X-Men related items; can we put another X-Men character in here on top of this Spider-Man looking guy? Also, Blanche Thompson in Sales didn't like the woman with grey hair, can you put something else there, too?

Great! Blah, blah, blah your TPS reports..."
Good work, brother!!!
cheeks-74 May 29, 2010   General Artist
manoman! this is packed with the goodness!
great piece, man. My favorite part is a subtle detail... Good Old Pete giving the thumbs up. Everyone is all serious and he's just being himself. Nice touch.
Come on, it's so not going to be your last cover. To be honest, if they were smart they'd use your marker work as cover. It would pretty easy putting some colors on your marker work with Photoshop and it would look 19898938974983 times better than what most comic colorists do, seriously.

I think they'll probably realize that sooner or later if they're smart :)
Thanks. So far, it has been my last, but I'll keep at it. Yeah, I hope I can do something with my greytones. If nothing else, they'd stand out hehe.
Don't worry, man, you'll definitely get to do more covers.
You totally have it.
Hey Chris, this will not be your last cover for certain... amazing stuff. I had a practice run on it... lovely to work on, only a lo-res though.
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