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August 20, 2008
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Hulk VS Joker by ChristopherStevens Hulk VS Joker by ChristopherStevens
Another commission piece, this time a cross-company stand-off: the Joker versus the Hulk.

Inked full size illustration.

Joker copyright © DC Comics
Hulk copyright © Marvel Comics
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"Hulk not like puny clown's jokes." XD
Barrels full of Lol over here. Can totally see the Hulk lifting up the Joker and the Joker just popping off a "G'day, chappy!" before slithering out of the big one's grip.
The Hulk taking on the Joker? Hmmm... This would be an interesting match. Despite my love of the Joker, my logical mind knows that if the big man were to get his hands on him, he'd crush Joker into pulp without hesitation. On the other hand, Joker is the king of cheating death, so the moment Hulk starts to smash him, he'd probably gas him, stab him somewhere sensitive, or something else. Who knows? Maybe Joker would use some sort of trick like he did in the Arkham Asylum game so it would be more even? Only as a last resort, no doubt, as we know Joker would love to put a smile on Hulk's face (insert Joker venom).

Onto the artwork. This is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like something straight out of the comics, with both characters perfectly proportioned, and Hulk's muscles captured most exquisitely. You even got his ripped pants down pat! The words in the background add to the effect that the Joker is simply having the time of his life with this. As for the Joker himself, nice job. Each wrinkle and line of his suit is drawn so well. Good job on the expression too, especially the smile (he's got to be smiling, of course!). Ooh, and the hat? Nice throwback to Mark Hamill's Joker. All the gag weapons everywhere, right down to the laughing fish? I love it all.

On a final note, I think it looks better in black and white than in color. It adds an element of grit to the pic. Good job. Keep it up! Welcome to the list.
That's one hell of a comment. Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to write it.
Hulk fought this guy, he was curious.
But as he grabbed him he thought " f@cking serious?"
"Bah! Hulk not think whiteface funny at all!"
"Why always so serious, Hulksie? Even you need to laugh."
joker will kick hulks green ass
hulk:Hulk smash baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad clown baaaaaaaaad clown.RAAAARFGT
Joker:hyajajajaja i will die jajaja i cant cry.
PunkoSteam Jul 15, 2011
Joker's totally winning.
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